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umi no iruka

graduation gifts

Musume's graduation cash gifts helped in paying for her tuition. As a parent, I really appreciate that. Hahaha. She also received a lot of footwear. I made her use all of them immediately because she's still growing. I made her use the other items she received to show the gifters their gifts were appreciated.

good ideas

1. I hang my matches on the stove because it keeps getting wet or taken elsewhere. 2. I colorcode my printables for easy reference. 3. I hang a plastic bag beside me in my workstation for easy garbage disposal.

cleaning helpers

Microfiber towels, mop with wringer, washer with dryer: these greatly improved my cleaning skills hehe


I hang whatever I can just to keep things off the floors or counters.

clan reunion 4d3n

I wanted a better skin for the reunion. I consulted my sister-in-law who's got a flawless skin. She recommended Dr. Alvin's Rejuvenating Set. It looks like I succeeded because I keep getting comments that my skin improved. Yey!

BTW I need to buy a new trolley backpack.

3d2n trip

handcarry / carry-on: Heartstrings travel bag: sleepwear set / prayer set / malong / underwear set / handtowel / dry tissue & wet tissue / ballpens and teaching books / Alcatel with charger / denim jacket with secret pocket / wallet: money, identifications, photos with nametag / toiletries: comb, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, facial cleanser, facial toner, cottonballs, cottonbuds, spf cream, face powder, lipstick, cologne, feminine pads / chocolate & medicines / flat shoes


CebuPacific web check-in

I checked in online for the very first time. It was convenient because I didn't have to worry about being late. The only problem was I still had to ask someone which boarding gate I was supposed to go.


medicine box

upload photo later.

I cut up plastic water bottles and glued them inside a transparent plastic container with lid. I like the way it turned out. everything is upright and clearly divided into their own spot.